BitBet is a game played on the blockchain.

Verifiable betting and winner selection, no more wondering how a winner is selected or if the results are fixed, you can now see it all for yourself burned and unchangable on the blockchain.

To enter the draw all you need to do is copy the deposit address (either clicking on the copy button or scanning the code on the play page), and send multiples of a () BIT from your wallet to qualify. For example if you would like to enter once make sure you send exactly () excluding any charges to the deposit address and you will be entered once into the next draw, sending () BIT to the deposit address will get you two entries and so on.

Note - please do not send any bets to BitBet directly from a wallet hosted on an exchange, such as Crex or Graviex. Only send your bets from your local wallet, as any payouts will only be sent to the wallet address they were sent from. Which, in the case of an exchange, is a shared wallet and not your personal address.

First, download the BitMoney wallet -

Then to get BIT (coins) please go the following exchanges:

ihostmn Exchange:
Bit Money Faucet:

That's all you need to do to qualify.
Verify your transaction has been registered by checking the table on the play page or searching using the find my transaction feature above.

We will then match your transaction hash to the hash of the block where the competition closes to see if there are any matches.
Any matching numbers will then result in a win!

For example:

The competition closes on block 422 322, which has a hash of:

The following transactions qualify as winners

23eae3d93edded860d456ee8adf7d24b2a2fb5bc12d392a6739f09999afd0e01 - 2 matching
16eae3d93edded860d456ee8adf7d24b2a2fb5bc12d392a6739f09999afd0d01 - 3 matching
99eae3d93edded860d456ee8adf7d24b2a2fb5bc12d392a6739f09999afd8e11 - 1 matching
54eae3d93edded860d456ee8adf7d24b2a2fb5bc12d392a6739f09999afd7d01 - 4 matching

The winnings will then be split based on the following break-down:

Matching 4 - will share 35% of the total pool for the draw.
Matching 3 - will share 25% of the total pool for the draw.
Matching 2 - will share 15% of the total pool for the draw.
Matching 1 - will share 5% of the total pool for the draw.

10% of the total pool be carried over to the next draw to always start off with a decent draw.
10% of the total will be used for maintenance and development of the game.

If any of the catagories aren't won they will also be carried over to the next draw.

Draws currently close every day(s), we will from time-to-time monitor the draw and see if this requires tweaking.